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MMS-II workshop 4: Fifteenth-century Arabic Historiography: Textual themes, didactic purposes and processes of meaning making

online workshop, December 15 2020

  • Mustafa Banister: Marrying the Past to the Present in Ibn ʿArabshāh’s Sketch of East Anatolian Relations with the Syro-Egyptian Sultanate (1385-1440)

Respondents: Christopher Markiewicz, Evrim Binbas

  • Rihab Ben Othmen: The Display of Power and Majesty in Northern Lands: Narratives of Sultanic Sovereignty in Ibn Taghrībirdī’s Account of the Amid Campaign

Respondents: Christopher Markiewicz, Evrim Binbas

  • Kenneth Goudie: Abstracting the Iẓhār al-ʿAṣr: An Exercise in Distant Reading

Respondents: Bethany Walker, Judith Pfeifer

  • Daniel Mahoney: Patterns of the Political Players and Practices in al-Maqrīzī’s al-Sulūk

Respondents: Jan Dumolyn, Albrecht Fuess

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: The Rasūlid Yemen and the Cairo sultanate in Ibn Ḥajar’s eyes: preliminary remarks for a case study

Respondents: Bethany Walker, Judith Pfeifer

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: History making and the semantics of order and fitna in al-Maqrīzī’s (c. 1365-1442) chronicle of contemporary history

Respondents: Jan Dumolyn, Albrecht Fuess

MMS-II workshop 3: Fifteenth-century Arabic Historiography: Textual Structures, Strategies and Relations

Ghent, December 17 2019

  • Mustafa Banister: Narratives and Moralized Meanings:Ibn Arabshāh’s Reading of Succession Politics in 841-2/1438

Respondents: Gowaart Van Den Bossche; Wim Verbaal

  • Rihab Ben Othmen: The Exception Rather Than the Rule? Khawand Zaynab al-Khaṣbakiyya and the Spectres of Female Sovereignty in the Fifteenth Century Egyptian Historiography

Respondents: Gowaart Van Den Bossche; Wim Verbaal

  • Kenneth Goudie: Biography as Autobiography: The ʿUnwān al-Zamān as an act of Self-making

Respondents: Konrad Hirschler, Adam Talib

  • Daniel Mahoney: Killing a Kingship?Discourses of Regicide in the Cairo Sultanate from Late Medieval Arabic Historiography

Respondents: Sarah Savant, Frédéric Bauden

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: Ibn Taymiyya’s influence: a historiographical perspective in Ibn Ḥağar al-ʿAsqalānī’s Inbā’ al-ġumr bi-abnā’ al-ʿumr

Respondents: Konrad Hirschler, Adam Talib

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Narrative strategies, state formation and world-making in fifteenth-century Egyptian

Respondents: Sarah Savant, Frédéric Bauden

MMS-II Workshop 2: Fifteenth-century Arabic Historiography: Historicising Authors, Texts, and Contexts

Ghent, December 17 2018

  • Mustafa Banister: From Ṭālib to‘Ālim: Legitimation and Social Mobility in a Fifteenth Century Panegyric Dedicated to Sultan Jaqmaq (842-857/1438-1453)

Respondents: Arjan Post, John Meloy

  • Rihab Ben Othmen: The Tale of Hybrid Identities: Notes on Ibn Taghrībirdī’s Textual and Authorial “Self-Fashioning”

Respondents: Frédéric Bauden, Eric Vallet

  • Kenneth Goudie: How to Make it in  Cairo: The Strategies of Advancement of Burhān al-Dīn Biqāʿī

Respondents: Frédéric Bauden, Eric Vallet

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: Producing Historiographical Space and Social Order: The Case of Sufism and Charisma in the Inbā al-Ghumr bi-Abnā al-ʿUmr

Respondents: Arjan Post, John Meloy

  • Clément Onimus: Writing Jakam’s Life

Respondents: Jo Van Steenbergen, Malika Dekkiche

  • Tarek Sabraa: The Relationship of Ibn Qāḍī Shuhba and Historians of his Time

Respondents: Jo Van Steenbergen, Malika Dekkiche


Ghent, July 5-7 2018

  • Kenneth Goudie: Al-Biqāʿī’s self-reflection: A preliminary study of the autobiographical in his ʿUnwān al-Zamān
  • Zacharie Mochtarie de Pierrepont: Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī’s Texts and Contexts: The Sufi Environment of the Cairo Sultanate
  • Clément Onimus: al-ʿAynī: a Committed Historrian Tarek Sabraa: Ibn Qāḍī Shuhba (1377-1448): His Life and Work

Digital Islamic Humanities intensive course

Ghent, July, 2-4 2018

MMS-II Workshop 1: Fifteenth-Century Arabic Historiography: Past, Present, Future

Ghent, December 18 2017

  • Clément Onimus (Université Paris-VIII): al-ʿAynī, the Umarāʾ and the ʿUlamāʾ: a scholar’s involvement in the political and the academic life in Fifteenth-Century Egypt.
  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Historiography, Political Order and State Formation in Fifteenth-Century Egypt and Syria: a Research Project.

Society for the Medieval Mediterranean 2017: ‘Communities, Imaginations and Emotions in the Medieval Mediterranean’

Ghent, July 10-12 2017

  • Mohamed Maslouh: The Representation of the Reign of the Mamluk Sultan al-Ashraf Sayf al-Dīn Qāytbāy in Late Mamluk Historiography.


Individual Papers & Panels

Actualités de la Recherche des études sur l’Islam médiévaL

online seminar (Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, Sorbonne Université and the research team of the Laboratory Islam médiéval in Paris (UMR 8167 Orient et Méditerranée)) February 10 2021

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: Networks of legal and religious scholars in 15th century narratives : network analysis, political and social order. Réseaux des ulémas au prisme des sources du xve siècle

In Search for a hidden group: Where are the AwlĀd al-NĀs?

online conference (Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg) December 17-18 2020

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Where are the awlād al-nās? Exploring the politics of a polysemous concept
  • Mustafa Banister: The House of Shāhīn: Divergent Trajectories of a Grandfather, Father, and Son
  • Rihab Ben Othmen: A View from Within: Assumptions of Identity and Group Solidarity in Ibn Taghrībirdī’s Accounts of the Sīdīs

étudier et publier les textes arabes avec le numérique

online conference, November 7-9 2020

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont & Manhal Makhoul: The Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate: solutions digitales et OCRisation au service de l’analyse historiographie syro-égyptienne (IXe-XVe s.)

SOAS: Arabic pasts: histories and historiographies

Online conference, October 22 – 24 2020

  • Daniel Mahoney: Evolving Discourses of Sultanic Assassination in Late Medieval Arabic Historiography
  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: Historiography in a time of crisis Aḥmad al-Sharjī’s reconstruction of sacred narratives in 9th/15th century Yemen

Middle East Studies Association: Vistas of the 15th-century world: MEANING-MAKING and world-making in late medieval Arabic Historiographical texts 

Online conference, October 5 -17 2020

  • Rihab Ben Othmen: The Display of Power and Majesty in Northern Lands: Narratives of Sultanic Sovereignty in Ibn Taghribirdi’s Account of the Amid Campaign.
  • Kenneth Goudie: The Limits of Royal Authority: The Anatolian Frontier in the Reign of Sultan īnāl of Cairo

  • Mustafa Banister: Unravelling Ibn ʿArabshah’s Sketch of the Eastern Anatolian “Frontier Zone” (1385- 1439).
  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: Yemen through the eyes of a Cairene Scholar: Historiographical Perspectives from Ibn Hajar al-ʿAsqalānī

Histoire et archéologie de l’islam médiéval: Séminaires communs et ateliers de l’umr 8167 orient et méditerranée / Islam médiéval (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University)

Online, April 1, 2020

  • Zacharie Mochtarie de Pierrepont: Intégrer l’apport des humanités numériques dans l’analyse des réseaux du monde musulman médiéval: perspectives et limites

Autumn School “Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in the Digital Age”

Utrecht, October, 28-31 2019

  • Jo Van Steenbergen:  Why I am not a digital humanist: Computational experiences and reflections of a Mamlukist (who doesn’t want to be a Mamlukist either!)

CML Symposium. Moving Forms: The Transformations and Translocations of Medieval Literature

Athens, September 11-13 2019

  • Mustafa Banister: ‘Writing for the Reader: Tastes and Contexts at a Medieval Egyptian “Court”’

International Medieval Congres: Narrative Construction and Historiographical Legitimacies in 15th-Century Cairo Sultanate (session 616)

Leeds, July 1-4 2019

  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: “The Office of the Ustādār: Producing a Socio-Political Space in Ibn Ḥağar’s Historiographical Narratives”
  • Mustafa Banister: “Historiography in the Service of the Polity: Analyzing Ibn Arabshāh’s Narrative Construction of the 1438 Revolts against Sultan Jaqmaq”
  • Rihab Ben Othmen: “Changing Legitimacies and Maintained Order: A Preliminary Sketch on Ibn Taghrībirdī’s Narrative Representation of Sultan Ṭaṭar’s Reign”
  • Kenneth Goudie: “A Tale of Two Dawādārs: Al-Biqāʿī’s Depiction of Sultan Īnāl’s Court”

SIXTH Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies

Tokyo, June 15-17 2019

  • Rihab Ben Othmen: “Moving texts: a few remarks on textual brokerage, intertextuality and authorial identity in the fifteenth century Mamluk Historiography”
  • Kenneth Goudie: “A Tale of Two Dawādārs: al-Biqāʿī’s Narrative Construction of Īnāl’s Court”
  • Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont: “The Inbāʾ al-ġumr bi-abnāʾ al-ʿumr and inter-maḏhab competition: a network analysis case study”

Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg (University of Bonn) “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Rasulid Entanglement in the Medieval Islamic World”.

Bonn, March 29 2019

SOAS:  “Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900-1600): ʿulamāʾ, udabāʾ, and administrators”

London, March 19-20 2019

  • Kenneth Goudie:  “Building a Network: al-Biqāʿī’s Matrimonial Manoeuvring”.

CEDIFR (University Saint-Joseph): “Légendes et pèlerinages”,

Beirut, February 15-16 2019
  • Zacharie Mochtarie de Pierrepont:  “Les Banū Zaylaʽī d’al-Luḥayya : entre sainteté et autorité politico-religeuse (VIIe-IXe/XIIIe-/XVe siècle)”

Asia-Orient-Institute, conference The Pillars of Rule. Mediating the Power of Dynasties and Nation-States in the Middle East and South Asia

Zurich, January 31 – February 1 2019

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: ʿAṣabiyya, Messiness, and ‘Mamlukisation’ in the Sultanate of Cairo (1200s-1500s)”

Conference Islamic Digital Humanities

Amsterdam, December 13-15 2018

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: “From MP3 to MPP. ‘Mamluks’, Arabic Historiography, and the semantic web”

Histoire et Archéologie de l’Islam Médiéval

Paris, October 24 2018

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Historiographie arabe, ordre politique mamlouk, et formation de l’État au XVe siècle : un projet de recherche

A Eurasia of Composite Polities, 1250–1500: Collective Identities & Communications

Dublin, June 14-15 2018

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Agglutination & ʿAṣabiyya, State Formation as Process, and “Mamlukisation” in the Sultanate of Cairo (1200s-1500s)

Une journée d’étude Intitulée “Ǧihād et fitna : Penser et Concevoir la Guerre dans le Mašriq Médiéval du xie au xvie Siècles”

Paris, January 24 2018

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: The semantics of order and fitna in the chronicles of al-Maqrizi (c. 1365-1442)

Middle East Studies Association

Washington, November 18-21 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen ‘From the court in Cairo to the kingdoms of the Franks: spatial structuration, political order, and world-making in 15th-century Egyptian chronicles’

23rd Medieval Studies Day

Nijmegen, October 27 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Perceptions of East and West in the Middle Ages: “The Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate II. Historiography, Political Order and State Formation in 15th-century Egypt”

International Medieval Congress 2017

Leeds, July 3-6 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Performing the Self by Advising the Sultan: Caliphate, Kingship, and Authorship in a 15th-Century Arabic History of Royal Pilgrimage

DFG-Forschergruppe Personalentscheidungen bei gesellschaftlichen Schlüsselpositionen

Frankfurt, June 8-9 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Sultans, Amirs, Scholars and Scribes: Tanistric Succession Practices at the Court of Mamluk Cairo (14th and 15th Centuries)

Fourth Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies

Beirut, May 11-13 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: New perspectives on late medieval Arabic Historiography: History, Order, and Truth in/of the Cairo Sultanate: : ‘From the court in Cairo to the kingdoms of the Franks: spatial structuration, political order, and world-making in 15th-century Egyptian chronicles’

Middle East and Iranian Studies Seminar

St. Andrews, April 5-7 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Narratives of Royal Pilgrimage: Constructions of Muslim Kingship, and Authorship in Late Medieval Egypt

Stiftungen in der Weltgeschichte

Berlin, February 9-10 2017

  • Jo Van Steenbergen: Stiftungen im Islam was FOUNDMED zu ihrer Erkenntnis beigetragen hat

Medieval Biographical Collections

Vienna, January 12-13 2017