New episode of podcast Geheugenissen with Jo Van Steenbergen on the medieval Cairo Sultanate

Mamluk horsemanship (large view)

Mamluk horsemanship

The Middle Ages from a non-western perspective: prof. Jo Van Steenbergen on the Cairo Sultanate in 13th- to 16th-century Egypt and Syria

The fifteenth episode of the podcast Geheugenissen, produced by Dr. Julie Van Bogaert for the History Department of Ghent University tells the story of the medieval sultanate of Cairo. This is also known as the Mamluk Sultanate, a polity dominated by military slaves in 13th to 16th-century Egypt and Syria. Prof. Jo Van Steenbergen explains how its cultural elites tried to establish order in a chaotic time of political turmoil and conflict. One of the ways they attempted to achieve this, was through the production of historiography in which they tried to make sense of their own world by confronting it with a glorious past and by trying to nudge it in the direction of a divinely ordained future of salvation.

The episode of Geheugenissen on the Cairo Sultanate is in Dutch.