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“Dialogues of Faith and Food” (9/2/2019)- By Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont Last February, I was invited to an international conference called « Légendes and Pèlerinages » (Legends and Pilgrimage), organized by Saint Joseph University (USJ), in Beirut. The main thematics of this conference were centered on sainthood, rituals… Read more
From a Project-Specific Database to an Open Access Digital Humanities Database (6/26/2019)- By Maya Termonia In a few days we are about to launch the new Islamic Open History Dataplatform (IHODP) which was developed as part of the project: Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate II: Historiography, Political Order and State Formation in… Read more
Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900-1600) (5/20/2019)- by Kenneth Goudie On the 19th and 20th of March this year, I attended a workshop entitled  ‘Professional Mobility in the Islamic Lands (900-1600): ʿUlamāʾ, Udabāʾ, and Administrators’, which was co-organised by Mohamad El-Merheb (SOAS) and Mehdi Berriah (Paris 1 La Sorbonne University/University… Read more
Putting the “work” back into workshop (3/25/2019)- by Mustafa Banister, Kenneth Goudie and Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont On the 17th of December 2018, we organised a MMS-II workshop here at Ghent University entitled ‘Fifteenth-century Arabic Historiography: Historicising Authors, Texts, and Contexts’. This was not, however, your usual workshop.… Read more
Research Trip to Cairo (2/12/2019)- by Gowaart Van Den Bossche One of the goals of the first phase of research in the MMS II project is to undertake a survey of manuscripts and publications relevant to the subject of 15th century historiography. After having surveyed… Read more
An attempt to briefly explain what it’s all about (2/11/2019)- by the PI, Jo Van Steenbergen In the autumn of 2015 my application for an ERC Consolidator Grant project was successful. After another year of grant agreement negotiations and (attempts of) finishing ongoing publication projects (including from the previous ERC… Read more